Vanity Numbers

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Toll Free 800 Vanity Numbers

  • Vanity 800 numbers can greatly improve your marketing results by making your toll free 800 number a lot easier to remember. One-time Cdn $30.00 Vanity number setup fee will be charged when activated.

  • 877, 888, 866, 855 vanity numbers are easier to find, then 800 numbers.

  • Note: shorter letter combinations will increase the possibility of finding a requested number. The more letters in your request, the harder it will be to find an available number. E.g. (xxx) GETNAME is less likely to be available than (xxx) xxx-NAME or (xxx) NAME-xxx.

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  • Vanity numbers makes it easier for your potential customers to remember your toll-free 800 phone number. Vanity numbers available for U.S.A. and Canada residents.

  • You can check on the availability of a vanity number simply by completing your order from RingCentral and selecting the box that indicates you would like a vanity number.

  • While we do a search for your preferred numbers, you’ll be assigned a temporary Toll Free Number so you can set-up and start using your toll free system as soon as possible.

  • 800 numbers have been around the longest and since these are harder to come by, we charge a higher one time fee of $30.00. There’s no extra charge for a  system generated toll-free number.

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