Hotel Motel Phone System

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Hotel Motel Phone System

Optimizing Your Front Desk Toll-Free Reservations

Our Cloud Phone System, is integrated with a Toll-Free Number or Local Number which is ideal for managing your small hotel motel phone system room reservations and for all your other office call routing.

A cloud phone system requires no hardware or software to be purchased, installed or maintained by you. Also, you never need a technician to service or upgrade your voicemail phone system on regular intervals.

Telephone switching occurs at the central office station of the PBX phone system, instead of your company premises. Thus it is a Hosted PBX 800 phone service and it will help you minimize capital expenditures. When relocating your business, there is no moving of old equipment to your new communication phone call center.

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Our advanced Cloud PBX phone system technology with automated services provides all the functionality of a complex PBX, but at a cost everyone can afford. Small and corporate offices benefit from Toll Free Number Hosted PBX Service.

The Hosted Auto Attendant will answer your calls automatically, greeting callers with your personally recorded or professionally created company menu, and directing them to the correct person, department and also throughout your automated toll-free number voicemail system.

Program any of your voice mailbox to record customer reservations or any other information you request from your prospective guests.

Corporations to small businesses are using Auto-Attendant to effectively answer and route calls. If the calls are not answered, we will call forward them to any of the numbers you’ve designated.

Think of an Automated Attendant as another employee that’s not on your payroll and works relentlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without a day-off, and never asking for a raise in pay!

Auto Attendant works just like a live front desk receptionist, answering incoming calls and dispatching the caller to the proper person or department. Using voice prompts, it plays a list of options to a caller. If the caller knows which option they want, they can interrupt the auto attendant by pressing their selection on the key pad of any touch tone telephone.

When a caller selects an option, the auto attendant responds to the command by either routing the call to an extension or mailbox within the organization or directing the caller to the company dial by name directory or a designated “live” operator. The company directory consists of a list of all mailbox owners and is available for callers who do not know the extension of the person they are calling.

Increased Responses – Given the choice, most people will call a Toll Free Number before any other numbers, thus giving you a profitable advantage in being the FIRST to initiate a reservation.

You can record audio infomercials on your products, services, real estate listings, or any other marketing information you wish to make available on a “never busy” Toll Free Number, 24 hours a day basis. Let your system work for you and make sales while you sleep!

  • Some toll free services share a single 800 number with many unknown users. Not us! You will be the owner of your exclusive toll free number – NOT just an extension. However, you may assign a private mailbox extension number to as many of your associates or employees as you wish and all can utilize the same 800 Number with all the services and features of your toll free plan.

 Already Have a Toll Free Number?

  • Moving Your 800 Number? If you already have a toll free number of your own, we will be happy to transfer at no charge the 800 number to work alongside our system. We will give you a temporary number, while yours is being moved over. Having this number will NOT cost you extra, but will allow you to set up your system. Establish a RingCentral account first, then you’ll be able to transfer your number.

  • To start the transfer process, you’ll have to complete a “Responsible Organization” form and return it to us to complete the transfer. 800 number transfers usually take 10-14 days to complete. You will not be charged for this transfer. (Some companies will charge you for transferring a toll free number, but not RingCentral!)

  • We offer “True 800”, 888, 877, 866 and 855 toll free prefixes and also Vanity numbers. While all of these prefixes are commonly known as “free to the caller,” some people still prefer to go with the prefix that has been around the longest, the original and classic toll free “800” number.

  • True “800” numbers are harder to come by, so we charge a slightly higher one time fee of $30.00. There are no extra charge for system generated, “888”, “877”, “866, and 855”.

  • Our toll free number phone system provides private password protected sub mailboxes on a single voice line, with a “never busy” signal and no equipment to purchase! Use your existing local telephone line with our Toll Free Numbers. No extra phone lines required! It can ring on your existing equipment and cellular.

  • No contracts to sign, no equipment to buy, or software to download! Never rings busy, either forwards calls to any of your other numbers or goes to voicemail it’s your choice.

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